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ASME 600/ 900/ 1500 (up to 3000 psi) 

ASME B16.34 Std.
513T was designed according to ANSIB16.34. 513T is with 4 seats, this will help to keep the ball position stably.  The trunnion ball/ stem help to stand 3000 psi working pressure and protect the seat and keep from leakage to prolong the life time. The valve is totally solid designed for oil & gas application or other high pressure application for both mixing and diverter purpose..

Various Option
513F valve can be with 3-way & 4-way connection, the end connection can be ASME 600/ 900/ 1500 (up to 3000 psi). The same center sections are also suitable for thread/ SW/ BW ends on 513T type. The trunnion ball is flexible to T/ L or X (double L) and I-port. Body material can be CF8M or WCB, or even special alloy.

Size Range
The size range for 513F is now complete from 1/2" to 2" (DN15 to DN50), and will be ready to expand up to 4" with Class 600 & Class 900 pressure rating soon. TFM/ TFM4215 seat material for Class 600 (DN15 to DN50) and PEEK/ Delrin for Class 900/ 1500 is the standard option.


Leakage Class: V/ High Temperature/ Particles Contained Media 

Critical Condition
Zipson's high performance metal seated ball valve with ISO direct mounting pad is designed for use in high temperature, abrasive, and high pressure media in power generation, petrochemical industries, mining industries, and pulp & paper plants.

Seat/ Ball Materials
The standard seat material is SS316+Stellite, except special alloy metal to metal valves, the seat can cover over 90% condition usage. The ball material is Stellite (1/4" to 1") & SS316+Ni (1-1/2" to 4"), this type can std. high temp. up to 450¢XC and particles contained media. Another option is SS316+Chrome, this is for 350¢XC condition.

Class V Sealing Ability/ Inconel Seat Spring
The Inconel 750 seat Belleville washer is the promise of sealing ability under high temperature. With unique Zipson metal seat design & precise lapping work, the valve sealing ability is up to Class V (1/4" to 2") and Class IV for 2-1/2" to 8").

Various Valve Types For Option
The metal seated valve is available for thread/ SW/ BW ends at 2160 psi or 3600 psi, and flanged end valve at Class 150/ 300/ 600/ 900/ 1500 or PN16/ PN40/ JIS10K/ JIS20K. The valve size is 1/4" (DN08) to 8" (DN200) at present.

Special Design Features
1) ASME B16.34 Construction
2) API 607 Fire Safe Certified
3) Blow-out proof stem design
4) Special Alloy Metal Seated Is Available


ZIPSON's 920G Serie declutchable gear operator is compact design with both sides ISO 5211 standard connection. The 920G provide safety overrride as the air or power supply fails.




ZIPSON ball valve with ISO 5211 mounting pad can be with compact design for valve handle & limit switch box.

Available Type: 201D/ 302F/ 305D/ 207S/ 207F/ 110T/ 110F/ 107S/ 305F/ 306F

* Item 107S

1-piece flanged ball valve, reduced bore, ANSI150, with ISO direct mounting pad.  Most used in the petrochemical industries, with both stainless & carbon steel material.  Size from 1/2" to 8". Other pressure rating are available while asked.

About 3-way Ball Valve

501S, 3-way ball valve is the most popular type in ZIPSON. The 3-way ball valve with design of ISO direct mount for amount actuator directly.  The 3-way ball valve have L or T ball positions for option. The wise use of 3-way/ multi-way ball valve may save much cost & space of the plant.
The 501S type 3-way ball valve with the blow-out proof design, and self adjusted stem packing will lead to long term operation.  But full bore and reduced bore are available in this type.

ZIPSON Spring Return Handle
(ZIPSON PATENT!! Watch out if you get these handle legally!!)

ZIPSON'S SH01, spring return handle (also called dead man handle) was well designed as heavy duty type for very long term operation. 

The SH01 is designed to mount upon the ISO 5211 direct mounting pad.  This will be very convenient for user to replace the handle from normal type to SH01, and repair the handles after long term operation without throwing the whole valve set.  It's very economic to stock the spring handles only.

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