ZIPSON'S 501M type, 3/4-way metal seated ball valve is a totally unique valve design for critical working condition of high working temperature and powder/ particles contain media.3-way metal seated valve-1

To the high working temperature condition (over 250XC or 480XF), 501M is the best solution with no soft sealing kits, and quality sealing ability. It expand engineers' vision without sacrificing the idea by high working temperature and make it a real productive work.

Hard ball surface & filler for option

The 501M's hard coated surface on ball & seat provide the long working life time without exchange the ball/ seats all the time. The cavity filler option will strongly help to keep the valve cavity from filling the powder and cause the ball seizing problem.

3/4-Way Metal Seated Ball Valves

Proterties of the 501M Type valve

  Proterties of the 501M Type valve

  • for both 3-way & 4-way patterns
  • T/ L/ X/ I ball
  • PTFE/ TFM cavity filler for option
  • flanged/ thread/ SW/ BW ends
  • ASME150/ ASME300/ PN16/ PN40
  • special alloy valves are available

Inconel disc washer & Alloy available

501M type is designed based on 501T & 501F type, including the advantages of ISO 5211 direct mounting pad and self-adjusted stem design with Belleville washer.

The extraordinary material such as Hastelloy C, Hastelloy C-22, Super Duplex, Duplex, Monel, Alloy 20, Alloy 59 are available for special media or environment. (learn more)

Ball Valves with Spring Return Handle!

Sea Water? Acid? Corrosive media?

Top Entry Ball Valves

2-pc/ 3-pc/ flanged valves are all available!

Zipson’s special alloy valves take care of your special requirement.

ASME150/ ASME300

valve with dead man handle-201D with SH01

super duplex ball valve-1

top entry ball valve, 110F


3-Way Valves with High Bonnet

DN150 (6 inch) valve with 1200mm bonnet

The 6￿ 501F type mulit-way ball valve with ANSI150 flanged end was assembled with a 1200mm high extended bonnet. The bonnet was with a pipe handle and limit switch box for indicating the position.

Zipson is always flexible for many kinds of adaption for customer￿™s special requirement.

3-way valve with extended bonnet-501F, DN150

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PTFE filler for ball valve-1

Ball valves with PTFE cavity filler will help to eliminate the deposit of the media. (learn more)