Ball Valves with Spring Return Handle!

Sea Water? Acid? Corrosive media?

Top Entry Ball Valves

2-pc/ 3-pc/ flanged valves are all available!

Zipson’s special alloy valves take care of your special requirement.

ASME150/ ASME300

valve with dead man handle-201D with SH01

super duplex ball valve-1

top entry ball valve, 110F

3-Way Valves with High Bonnet

DN150 (6 inch) valve with 1200mm bonnet

The 6” 501F type mulit-way ball valve with ANSI150 flanged end was assembled with a 1200mm high extended bonnet. The bonnet was with a pipe handle and limit switch box for indicating the position.

Zipson is always flexible for many kinds of adaption for special requirement from customers.

3-way valve with extended bonnet-501F, DN150

Manual Valve with Limit Switch Box

  • Valve with handle is available
  • Locking function
  • Compact design, professional looking
  • Item 201D/ 302F/ 207S/ 305D
ball valves with spring handle (dead-man handle)
ball valve with extended stem for isolation

Ball Valve with Isolation Extended Stem

  • For thermal insulation
  • 4” (100mm) high
  • Fixed with set bolt, high performance design
  • Available for 1/4” to 4” valves
  • Item 201D/ 302F/ 207S/ 305D

Ball Valves with Spring Return Handle

  • For ISO 5211 direct mount
  • Locking function
  • Available for 1/4” to 4” valves (100Nm)
  • Item 201D/ 302F/ 207S/ 305D
manual valve with limit switch box

Various Options for Valves to Expand The Usage

Ball Valves wtih Gear Operator

Ball Valve with Gear Operator

  • Easy to operate for higher torque valve
  • Compact design
  • Heavy duty design
  • All Sizes are available
305D valve with gear operator-3

305D ball valve with gear operator

216T, 2-pc High Pressure Ball Valve

7500/ 6000 PSI Working Pressuer

  • Both SS & CS materials are turned by bar stock
  • ISO mounting pad for option
  • SS seat protector for option to keep from seat erosion
  • Body/ End with orbital welding for option


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PTFE filler for ball valve-1

PTFE cavity filler helps to eliminate the deposits. (learn more)



3-A Sanitary Standard-Zipson3

3-A Sanitary Standard

302S & 620A Types

line, orange-4
3-A Sanitary, milk, Zipson